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«Lonely Socks Club» exhibition

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«Lonely Socks Club» exhibition

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On September 25 in South Butovo Landscape Park an exhibition «Lonely Socks Club» opened with our participation. Curators: the Arendt sisters and Margaret Novikova.

All single socks that have lost their pairs due to a variety of circumstances – tragic, comic or trivial – and, what is more important, their owners could attend the first meeting of the «Lonely Socks Club». Lots of exciting stories on this vital topic were collected during this exhibition.

An anthology with stories and pictures is planned to be published after the exhibition (afterwards).

Construction of an «Artist's House» on the outskirts of the city refers to the problem of deconstruction of the Central house of Artist, and to the problem of absence of museums and galleries of contemporary art outside the third road ring in Moscow.

The creation of a temporary Art house in South Butovo reflects the desire and the problem of artists to build an art world outside museums and galleries, that would address to a wide audience.

Both the «Artist's House» and all its exhibits are created in collaboration with artists, by the residents and different fictional organizations of South Butovo district using all the stuff they found at hand.

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