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It is a common belief, that a woman eats 35kg of lipstick during her life. How many pairs of stockings does she get rid of?

According to my calculations, the quantity is about 10 000 pairs. After wearing them, we throw them away not thinking about what happens after that. Pantyhose are in fact plastic, which is not biodegradable and doesn’t decompose for decades. Tights are a very pleasant, plastic, easily transformed and universal material.

Nylon stockings were invented in 1938 in the explosives laboratory of DuPont company. One of the key exhibits of The World's Fair in New York was a 12-meter mannequin, wearing nylon stockings. During the Second World War, nylon was used as a material for parachutes, trucks cover, military uniforms, backpacks.

In Soviet Union, stockings were such a huge deficit, that girls were drawing  stitches on their legs. In the 60s, along with mini-skirts fashion, fashion tights became popular and since then, stay with us forever. It came in the Soviet Union with tourists from Czechoslovakia.

By applying some imagination you can come up with lots of ideas that are nice and useful. We will publish these ideas and fashion photography right here, allowing all of you with creative potential to join us. We will share our experience with you, and you are free to share yours with us.

Here are some ideas on how you can use stockings that lie on the surface:

  • Use tights as a water filter
  • Creation of toys from tights
  • Use tights as a place to store onion
  • Create jewellery out of tights
  • Tieing up plants with stockings
  • Make a sponge for dishwashing out of tights
  • Put a soap inside, to create a sachet



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